At Common-Sense Solutions we strive to help people of all ages and backgrounds find employment.

Founded by Pam Harris in April of 2016, Common-Sense Solutions, LLC (CSS) provides services to individuals with barriers to employment. In addition to full services for workers, CSS also provides consulting support to North Idaho businesses looking for exceptional employees.

Contributing members of CSS staff providing services to businesses and Workers include Anna Mareci, who joins the team as an Employment Specialist during Summer Work Experience Programs, as well as fulfilling a portion of the company’s administrative duties year-round; Brianna Turk, who now serves as a job coach after years of experience conducting Worker training and evaluations at a local host business; Rhonda Disrud, who brings a long history of serving the community in a variety of capacities, such as coaching, training and mentoring individuals with employment challenges.  Review the backgrounds of CSS staff here.

Accredited by Rehabilitation Services Accreditation Systems (RSAS), Common-Sense Solutions offers worker services according to assessed needs and eligibility through a variety of programs. Click ­here to learn more about our company’s scope of operations and admission criteria.

What others have said about CSS

Brian Cravens

Brian Cravens

N40 Outfitters - Coeur d'Alene

“It’s such an amazing experience, giving someone the opportunity to find success and contribute to our team.”



“CSS helped me build confidence in my abilities even when I could not see it on my own. CSS pushed me to do my best job always, and believe in myself. I feel I have grown so much as an employee and CSS helped me get there. Thank you for all your support.”

Common-Sense Solutions collaborates with many local businesses, including those shown below.
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