About Our Team

Pam Harris

Pam has been helping workers take steps towards their dream jobs for 35 years. Since starting Common-Sense Solutions in 2016, Pam and her team members have provided services for hundreds of workers and businesses in North Idaho.

Pam has cut her schedule back to part time, specializing in providing work experience for high school students and evaluations for adults to measure their current work
readiness. She also collaborates with Anna Mareci to provide hybrid Job Search Assistance for workers who benefit from short term support in getting a job.

Something about me that would surprise people:

I am a huge Gonzaga basketball fan! I watch or listen to every game I can, from pre-
season through March Madness.

Favorite destination:

I love the inside passage of Alaska. Anytime I can take my backpack, get on a ferry to
travel on the Marine Highway System, sleep in the solarium on a deckchair, and explore
stops along the way….that’s where you will find me.

Volunteer work or a cause I find inspiring:

I am interested in Dragonfly Gardens (Nate’s and my plant business) helping set up a program with food banks so garden plants can be donated by local gardeners and
shared with people who struggle to feed their families.

People (and pets) in my life that should be recognized as making important contributions:

I have been blessed…with my son Nate (and his dog, Koda), amazing friends and co-workers, and all the critters I live with, especially my dogs, Arlo and Henry.

Anna Mareci

Anna has a long history of working with individuals who need extra help. Based in New Mexico, she provides administrative support for Common-Sense Solutions and Dragonfly Gardens. She also works remotely collaborating with Pam Harris to provide hybrid Job Search Assistance services for qualified customers. Experienced in the art of capturing the essence of a Worker’s offerings in a great resume, Anna enjoys the process of helping match people with satisfying jobs.


Soaking outdoors in primitive hot springs

Hobbies and Interests:

Growing organic food; vegan kitchen adventures

Where I most like to be when not working:

Exploring and foraging in the Sangro de Christo Mountains of Northern New Mexico

Favorite Food:

I’m passionate about chocolate and developed my own sugar-free recipe, but I think the
best everyday food is salad – it’s so versatile!

Volunteer Work:

Along with my daughter and grandson, I am a “Get-Away Family” for students at United World College in Montezuma, New Mexico. We offer support and local love to young people who are far from home. It’s fun to share food and laughter, learn about other cultures, and poke around the surrounding area with students who would otherwise be stuck on campus more than they’d like.

Nathan Bemis

Nate provides IT services for Common-Sense Solutions, helping team members use technology to track and document the progress of IDVR customers. Nate helps develop and maintain forms for the business and provides ongoing support and training.

What is your hometown and city of birth?

I was born in a small town in Washington state, but luckily Coeur d’Alene has been home for most of my life.

How would you like to be remembered?

As a kind person who worked hard and showed empathy to others.

Accomplishment you are most proud of:

Returning to school as an adult. My brain did not seem to work as well as it did when I was younger but my desire to learn and succeed was greater.

Are there people (or pets) in your life that should be recognized as making important contributions?

My golden retriever/black lab pup Koda. He gets me out exploring the outdoors and slows me down to appreciate the quiet moments.

Your latest adventure?

Starting a plant (veggies and flowers) business with my mother. I am excited to see what “Dragonfly Gardens” grows into.

MaryBeth Ranum

While I was born in Alabama, what defines who I am as a person is the fact that I grew up in other countries. My Dad loved to travel so we traveled all around the countries
where we lived and the countries nearby. I am glad I had those experiences and the world view they gave me. I believe it’s important that we see ourselves as world citizens, and I enjoy becoming wiser by learning about other people and places. I especially love
to travel to countries that have a rich and deep history.

I am interested in history of all kinds. History is another way to learn about different people and places. I am especially interested in how people handle going through
really difficult things …. resilience. Studying the American Civil War is one of the things I like to do in my spare time. I like to read books. I like to visit where the battles took
place. I like to understand what important lessons were learned so we can recognize when history is repeating itself, or when ideas come again that we have seen before.

My interest in people and making a positive difference in the lives of other people had a lot to do with my decision to specialize my work in Human Resources. Bridging
employees with employers so they can all be successful is what it’s about. Being outside is also very important to me. I love being by a lake in Idaho, especially if I have my kayak along. I love enjoying a walk and taking time to appreciate wonderful and beautiful places.

Stacy Salvato

Stacey has a strong background in nursing. The mother of two beautiful daughters, she is passionate about advocating for individuals with special needs. Based on her experience raising a child with autism, Stacey developed a class to help health professionals better meet the needs of hospitalized children with autism. A camping enthusiast, she loves tiny vintage trailers as well as muscle cars. She recently retired and moved from California to Idaho, where she is building her dream home.


Camarillo, California

Favorite food:

Mexican, especially chips and salsa


I’m most proud of: raising two lovely daughters

Favorite hobby:

Treasure hunting, flea markets and thrift stores

What’s on my bookshelf: 

Remedies for Natural Healing

Favorite travel destination: 

Italy! For the beautiful scenery and tasty food

Who I admire most: 

My daughter, Jessica – she’s smart, kind and loving

Favorite music: 

Country, blues

Favorite quote: 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein

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