Organizational Statement

Common-Sense Solutions, LLC. is a Community Rehabilitation Program, formed on May 18, 2016.   Our mission statement is “Helping Motivated Workers become Exceptional Employees”.

Pam Harris and Deanne Simshauser are both co-owners and employees of the business, as an LLC/S-Corp Status. Pam serves as a Vocational Consultant and Deanne Simshauser as a Vocational Specialist to provide services for individuals who have barriers to employment. Common-Sense Solutions, LLC also provides advocacy services and consulting support to businesses in North Idaho who are looking for “exceptional” employees. Anna Mareci contracts with CSS to provide seasonal Job Coaching (Summer Program) and administrative clerical support.  MaryBeth Ranum contracts to provide HR consulting services.

Common-Sense Solutions, LLC. Is accredited by Rehabilitation Services Accreditation Systems (RSAS), as is required by Idaho Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR) and Idaho Health & Welfare. As a Vendor for the State of Idaho, IDVR authorizes the purchase of vocational services for Workers who chose Common-Sense Solution, LLC.